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Death Through Destiny's Door

A Spirit Road Mystery

(Encircle Publications)

Fifth in the acclaimed series that started it all

Death Through Destiny's Door by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

Nearly a century and a half ago, Oglala Lakota leader Crazy Horse was tragically killed in custody and buried. His parents whisked away his remains to a location known only to them, safe from marauding trophy seekers and thieves. His grave has never been found.

Apparently, until now...

Lakota FBI Agent Manny Tanno is called to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation once again. He uncovers a conspiracy to take over a local rancher's business, and the next thing he knows, he's investigating deaths. Murders. Somehow all connected to finding the long-gone body of the sacred Lakota leader.

As Manny closes in on the killer, the killer closes in on the final burial place of Crazy Horse.

The race is on, for whose destiny will it be—the killer's, or Manny's—or both—to succumb to the very soil that enshrouded the sacred leader, Crazy Horse, for so many generations?

Death Etched In Stone by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

Fourth in the series

Lakota FBI Agent Manny Tanno is back in action when a man is found drowned in a Pine Ridge Reservation lake. It turns out to be murder, and the investigation takes him on the road.

Out of his element and unwelcome, no one is going out of the way to help Manny. In fact, some are purposely getting in the way. It gets even worse when he discovers a decades-old unsolved murder with a connection to the Wind River man found murdered on Pine Ridge.

Dark forces afoot on both reservations thwart the investigation at every turn. Not to mention the darker visions assaulting Manny at the worst possible times.

And it's not just the spirit world that's out to get him. The case of the Pine Ridge murder balloons into a rush to catch the Wind River murderer before he racks up more victims—before Manny himself is next.

Watch for the upcoming re-release of the first three in the series

Death Along the Spirit Road by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover) Death Where the Bad Rocks Live (Front Cover) Death on the Greasy Grass by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

An Extralegal Affair

(Speaking Volumes)

First in a new legal mystery series

An Extralegal Affair by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

Former disbarred Philadelphia lawyer J. Balm Hendy found his calling chasing ambulances and drawing easy out-of-court settlements checks.

He is successful. He is shady. He is a shyster in over his head when a 10-year-old homeless girl guilt trips him into defending her father in a murder case.

A simple plea deal turns into an investigation by J. Balm, plunging the attorney and his misfit associates into the seedier side of Denver that cutthroats and thieves, killers and gangbangers call their lair.

He is thwarted and threatened at every turn by ghosts of his past and ghosts of his present, dangerous ghosts that suddenly show J. Balm that his very life could depend on finding the true murderer—before the murderer finds him.

When the Gold Dust Died in Deadwood

A Tucker Ashley Western Adventure

(Five Star)

Third in the traditional Western series

When the Gold Dust Died in Deadwood by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

Miners all along the gulch have been killed, and Indians are to blame. When a playboy oil heir is found scalped, the prominent oil magnate herself offers an outrageous reward for the Indian who murdered her son. Greedy miners race into the hills—but few return. And the death toll surges.

Meanwhile, a ruthless rule enforcer keeps filing with the Mining District for the dead men's claims. When he learns that Tucker has uncovered his murderous scheme, he orders his son to hunt him down.

Tucker dreads the showdown with the gunman, a big bully—with a body count to back it up. Tucker emerged from his long prison sentence—deprived of his daily practice of gun handling—and now he must regain his legendary proficiency with the pistol.

Tucker Ashley can only run so far until his luck runs out—and only one of them walks away.

Seeking Justice by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

Second in the series

Tucker Ashley is on the case when his best friend's fiance is kidnapped from the Bucket of Blood saloon. His own fiance threatens to call off their impending wedding if he leaves town—but off he rides.

Tucker leads a pathetic posse in pursuit of a gang so brutal that even the army turned the other way rather than confront Justice Cauther and his cohorts—when Tucker most desperately needs any help he can get.

Between the outlaws, the Indians, and the army, Tucker is beaten, ambushed and beaten again, and left for dead in the harsh Dakota winter.

Finally at the edge of his own reason, Tucker comes face-to-face with the ringleader of the gang that started it all. Now one of them must end it all—sending his enemy plummeting over a cliff, never to be found at the bottom of the Badlands.

Backed to the Wall by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

First in the series

In the Dakota Territory of the 1870s, the line between outlaw and lawman is often blurred. Some of those sworn to protect the helpless might exploit them instead.

And some of those deemed hard cases might redeem themselves.

Backed to the Wall plunges both a lawman and an outlaw into a blood battle that only one of them can survive—if the Indian raiders terrorizing homesteaders and cattlemen don't kill them first.

Now available in audio

Hunting the Five Point Killer

A Bitter Wind Mystery

(OrangeSky Audio)

Hunting the Five Point Killer by C. M. Wendelboe (Audio Cover)

Hunting the VA Slayer

A Bitter Wind Mystery

(Encircle Publications)

Third in the series set in Wendelboe's hometown of Cheyenne

Hunting the VA Slayer by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

This time an old friend wants Arn to look into the suspicious deaths of her husband and brother, dead of apparently natural causes in Veterans Administration hospitals several hundred miles apart. And they weren't the only ones.

Arn doesn't think there was anything natural about the deaths, and once again the retired homicide detective enlists the help of reporter Ana Maria.

Between dodging an old nemesis and closing in on a new one, they fear they might be next on the VA Slayer's hit list.

Hunting the Five Point Killer by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

First in the series

Former Denver homicide detective Arn Anderson never thought he'd be broke enough to take on a cold murder case. Or desperate enough to do it with a TV reporter. Or pathetic enough to go back to his rundown childhood home, after he swore he'd left Cheyenne for good.

But here he is, hunting a serial killer who also appears to have come out of retirement.

On the eve of the tenth anniversary of the murders, the Five Point Killer is back for blood—and Arn could be next.

Hunting the Saturday Night Strangler by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

Second in the series

Three dead bodies with only two things in common: The victims were all strangled to death, and the murders all took place on Saturday nights.

Retired homicide detective Arn Anderson once again teams up with TV reporter Ana Maria Villarreal to hunt a serial killer on the loose in Cheyenne.

The closer they come to catching the killer, the more question whether they're unwinding the killer's twisted thread of clues or tightening their own noose.

The Marshal and the Mystical Mountain

A Nelson Lane Frontier Mystery

(Five Star)

Third in the frontier mystery series

The Marshal and the Mystical Mountain by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

U. S. Marshal Nelson Lane has more than his fair share of unlikely allies: This time it's a tabloid reporter—who turns up missing after he tries to sneak into the Mystical Mountain hunting lodge. Nestled in the rugged and scenic Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming, there's more than hunting going on.

Nelson sends in his deputy, Maris Red Hat, as an undercover courtesan to find out what's up with the wild parties for politicians, celebrities, and gangster. Even as the lodge caretaker appears to cooperate with the investigation, the women entertaining the guests keep winding up dead.

Every time Nelson closes in on the truth, he is ambushed and left for dead. Finally, he sneaks into the resort, only to be saved by an old foe he's been hunting for years.

When at last Nelson discovers the dark secret of the lodge, the Mystical Mountain may claim yet another victim.

The Marshal and the Sinister Still by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

Second in the series

A girl goes missing from the reservation, and Nelson figures she's just a runaway: An easy case to wrap up so he can return to his favorite trout stream.

First his search leads him to a local moonshiner—found murdered at his ranch.

Soon Nelson suspects the killer is one of the Chicago gangsters who recently set up shop in Wyoming. But moonshine is just a front for their real trafficking.

At every corner he turns in the investigation, Nelson is thwarted by thugs—including the crooked sheriff in the gangsters’ pocket.

When he finally uncovers the truth about runaway girls held captive in the barn housing the gangsters' still, it may be too late to rescue the missing Wind River girl from certain death—as death comes knocking on Nelson's door.

The Marshal and the Moonshiner by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

First in the series

Gangsters and hoodlums prey upon people's weaknesses for a quick buck in an era that saw few bucks to spare, making criminals of everyday folks in the rural Great Depression. In a place as wild as the West ever was, in the heyday of the badmen versus the lawmen, the law is in short supply.

U.S. Marshal Nelson Lane chases a fleeing murder suspect from the frontier of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming all the way to the big city of El Reno in Oklahoma—out of his element in both places and nearly everywhere in between.

The Man Who Hated Hickok

(Five Star)

A traditional Western

The Man Who Hated Hickok by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

It's 1876 and Cheyenne—long a haven for thugs and thieves—has taken on an air of civility. Until Wild Bill Hickock comes to town. He soon overstays his welcome when he humiliates a local gunman’s mentally-challenged brother to the point of suicide. Ira Drang promptly vows to hunt Wild Bill and kill him. Just as soon as he gets out of jail.

Broke, Ira takes work as a shotgun messenger on the notorious Cheyenne to Deadwood Stage—the only way he knows to make it across the Black Hills after Wild Bill.

The stage is held up by Ira's longtime rival, who knows his daughter's murderer is there. Ira leaves it to his rival to deal with the one responsible for his daughter's murder: He understands that nothing will stop him—just as nothing will stop Ira's pursuit of the one he holds responsible for his brother's death. He has his own justice to exact in Deadwood—and once he gets there, it won't take long to find Wild Bill.