C. M. Wendelboe

Backed to the Wall

A Tucker Ashley Western Adventure

(Five Star: September 20, 2017)

First in a new traditional Western series

Backed to the Wall by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

Outlaws—fueled by cruelty they became addicted to during the War Between the States—roam and prey upon anyone unfortunate enough to cross their trail.

In the Dakota Territory of the 1870s, the line between outlaw and lawman is often blurred. Some of those sworn to protect the helpless might exploit them instead.

And some of those deemed hard cases might redeem themselves.

Backed to the Wall plunges both a lawman and an outlaw into a blood battle that only one of them can survive—if the Indian raiders terrorizing homesteaders and cattlemen don’t kill them first.

"A straight ahead shoot-em-up Western: Backed to the Wall will have you backed up and demanding more."
Craig Johnson, New York Times bestselling author of the
Walt Longmire Mysteries that inspired the hit Netflix TV series Longmire

C. M. Wendelboe (Portrait)

C. M. Wendelboe entered the law enforcement profession when he was discharged from the Marines as the Vietnam war was winding down. In the 1970s, his career included assisting federal and tribal law enforcement agencies embroiled in conflicts with American Indian Movement activists in South Dakota.

He moved to Gillette, Wyoming, and found his niche, where he remained a sheriff's deputy for more than 25 years. In addition, he was a longtime firearms instructor at the local college and within the community.

During his 38-year career in law enforcement he had served successful stints as police chief, policy adviser, and other supervisory roles for several agencies. Yet he always has felt most proud of "working the street." He was a patrol supervisor when he retired to pursue his true vocation as a fiction writer.

With the fall release of his two new series, the author is planning a comeback celebration you won't want to miss!

September 2017
Telluride, Colorado
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Telluride Festival of Cars & Colors
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Thu 21 Sep 17 5:30-9 p.m. Welcome Reception
Heritage Plaza of Mountain Village
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Sat 23 Sep 17 6-9 p.m. Hangar 29 Event
Telluride Regional Airport
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Sun 24 Sep 17 3-5 p.m. Aspenglow Closing Reception
Heritage Plaza of Mountain Village
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Hunting the Five Point Killer

A Bitter Wind Mystery

(Midnight Ink: October 8, 2017)

First in a much-anticipated new mystery series

Hunting the Five Point Killer by C. M. Wendelboe (Front Cover)

Former Denver homicide detective Arn Anderson never thought he’d be broke enough to take on a cold murder case. Or desperate enough to do it with a TV reporter. Or pathetic enough to go back to his rundown childhood home, after he swore he’d left Cheyenne for good.

But here he is, hunting a serial killer who also appears to have come out of retirement.

On the eve of the tenth anniversary of the murders, the Five Point Killer is back for blood—and Arn could be next.

"...I steady my shaking hand as I approach her, ready to bring the knife out in just the right time, flick a piece of flesh from her lovely cheek, hear her screams.
And her disbelief as I melt back into the night...."

"Ratchets up the suspense."
Margaret Coel, New York Times bestselling author of
Winter's Child

Also coming soon

Marshal and the Moonshiner

First in a new frontier fiction series

(Five Star: January 17, 2018)

Don't let the name of the genre fool you: It's really another new mystery series